FAQs 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

How are things different this year because of COVID-19?

Our COVID-19 Commitment to Safety You will enter & exit at designated area – when you arrive you will enter the queue line to redeem your online ticket for wristband of the night. You will proceed to the Barn of Doom, then follow the designated area over to carnEvil then to Terror Train – you will exit from Terror Train past/through the gift shop – to Grizelda’s chipwagon (order some yummy take home food or mini donuts) take out food pickup will be on the back side of the Grizelda’s chipwagon kitchen.   Then exiting our park.  To keep all our patrons safe, we are not allowing crowds to mingle and hang around this year as in the past – we want everyone to enjoy the night without out the fear of large crowds.  It’s a blessing we are able to provide this entertainment with everything going on in the world.   We hope you understand and are patient with us as we navigate in uncharted waters. The haunts will be gone through and sanitized every hour – along with the washrooms as per our public health inspector.  We will have extra staff on hand making sure that social distancing is being adhered to.   Hand sanitization stations will be available on site. Please note if you are experiencing any covid-19 symptoms as set out by the CDC or provincial health – we ask that you do not attend to put anyone at risk.

I want to experience the haunt in every way. How do I do this?

2019 – we had the Hell Pass – 2020 we have Covid… so unfortunately we have to postpone our Hell Pass to 2021  – There is a zero touch for 2020  – our actors will scare from a distance and we also ask our patrons not to touch our actors.

I am a chicken but I still want to go through with my friends.

That’s great – your friends will protect you.

My friends and I want to go through and experience the haunted houses but don’t want to be interacted with, what can we do?

For 2020 our actors will not touch you or send you going a different direction – all in the keeping with a safe haunting experience for 2020.

I want to be sure it is just me and my friend going through the haunts alone together.

Due to Covid-19  the only people you will enter the haunt with is the group you came with.  We will not be combining groups together – so best to purchase your tickets as a group.

Will the creatures touch me?

No, not for 2020.

Are you family oriented?

Only for the daytime Ghoul Flashlight Haunting experience.  However, our nighttime haunts are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We cannot stress this enough. Parents, we have nothing going on at night time for the children. Please come during the day and we’ll be more than happy to entertain you and your family.

What do you do for birthday parties?

Due to Covid-19  unfortunately for 2020 we will not have the party room available.

How do I avoid the long lines on the popular nights?

For 2020 – all tickets will be purchased online elevating any long lines (this is our first year due to COVID doing this – so in theory it should work)  the queue line entrance to get your wristband will be enough space to  social distance – this is where the only long line might be.  Otherwise once you start your haunted experience you will be guided directly to the next and the next.   No separate line ups to the different haunts this season.

Are there discounts available?

Unfortunately for 2020 – there will be no coupons or group discounts – it’s been a difficult year due to Covid-19 we hope you understand – we have kept our pricing the same for the past several years. We will bring back Double Thursday for 2021.

Once we've used our ticket, can we go through the same attraction again with the same ticket?

Due to COVID-19 tickets can only be used once – next year we hope to bring back double Thursdays.

I just bought my ticket online. Do I still have to wait in line when I get to the attraction?

All tickets for 2020 will be purchased online to aid in the number of patrons on site at any given time. When you arrive at the Park, proceed to the entrance where you will be screened – to enter the queue line for your wristband – have your online tickets ready to present on your phone for scanning or paper.

Can I just bring my kids and drop them off and leave them there for the night?

Sorry, if you are dropping off – we need you to follow the parking attendants to the back parking lot – to drop off your younger ghouls as the entrance to the queue line to redeem your online tickets for your wristband is located there.  This will stop any cross or close contact with others.

Can I bring a backpack?


Where can I drop off my teens?

Sorry, if you are dropping off – we need you to follow the parking attendants to the back parking lot – to drop off your young adults/teenagers at the entrance to the queue line to redeem your online tickets for your wristband is located there.  This will stop any cross or close contact with others.

For safety reasons, there is NO parking on Sturgeon Road allowed and no dropping off the kids at top of the road to walk in – must be driven to the parking lot in the back  – especially due to 2020 Public health stipulations about crowd control.

We advise that parents do stay in the parking lot area after dropping off the young adults / teenagers that are taking part in our haunted attraction.    Reason being – we thermometer check everyone coming into the park and if they do not pass the thermometer check they will not be allowed in, and the group will need to leave right away.  (covid policy)  – If the parent leaves, we have no place to keep these individuals.

The other reason is,  this year we are not allowed to have individuals ‘hanging’ around after they have completed the haunts.

Experience the previous night has shown that some teenagers were running around waiting for their parents to show up to pick them up.   – So if we could this year please have the parents waiting in the parking lot for the group to finish would be wonderful.

We are being so careful this year with covid and no intermingling with the groups.

I don't want to be put with any other people not in my group - how can this be guaranteed?

2020 – there is no worry – the group you attend with is the group you will be going through the haunt with.  No cross over with individuals – to keep the 6’ foot social distance and you will remain within your own ‘bubble’ group.