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Hold your special events at Six Pines

Whatever your event, we’ll make it memorable.

  • Weddings
  • Fundraisers or galas
  • Corporate or themed events
  • Festivals or picnics
  • Birthday parties or family reunions

We are a country style facility, with a relaxed atmosphere. You are welcome to set your wedding/special event the way you like.

Here at Six Pines we’re all about creating memories.

Getting Married?

What’s Included With The Rental Fee

With the rental fee you are welcome to come the night prior to set up / decorate / have your rehearsal (4-7pm) as well as take down the following morning (if wedding on Saturday) as long as it is done by noon on the Sunday. Any rentals must also be gone by Sunday. We have an additional charge if rental (ie: tables/chairs) are to stay over with Monday morning 8:30/9am pickup. You are welcome to use our picnic tables for set up – if wanting round tables these must be rented.

Rehearsal Party

If you wish to have your rehearsal party at the farm the night prior (4-9:30 pm) as well as day after reception/party (rent the farm up to 5 pm) this is also a possibility.

Our Location

A Beautiful Country Wedding!

Helping to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

We have a base price and a list of additional items depending on what you’d like – to suit your budget. Everyone is different and we feel you should be able to have your wedding / special event the way you want which is why we have the different options. We can do as much or as little as you want.

If you want pictures with horses or other animals, or pictures with our 1950 Cadillac Ghostbuster car, us to look after tea/coffee service, etc. There are many beautiful photo opportunities on the farm for your photographer to take beautiful pictures.

If you are having liquor at your function, you must obtain your liquor permit, and no outside liquor ie: homemade wine is allowed. The corkage fee includes your mixes, Caesar fixings, ice, plastic glasses. Bartender is provided by us at the rate listed on the rate sheet. If you are having over 100 persons then a 2nd bartender is required at the rate shown. You are welcome to hire your own caterer, unfortunately under the health inspection regulations outside food other than from caterer is not allowed. We do have an outside caterer fee. We have fridges/freezers that you welcome to use – we take care of removing the garbage the following day.

Your guests are welcome to view the outside animals, play in the playground. We can look after the children during speeches if you’d like.

We are not an indoor facility but a country style wedding, we do have an enclosed covered shelter with a stage for head table set up.

You can choose whatever location on the farm to have your ceremony – there are many choices as well as many photo opportunities.

Housekeeping notes day of wedding for M/C

  • Smoking is around the chip wagon area and not allowed anywhere else on the farm. Picnic table is set up in this location.
  • Alcohol is to stay in the reception/dance area
  • Welcome to view the yard at leisure up until 9PM – please do not enter any buildings with the doors closed. 9PM is quiet time for the animals
  • Children must be supervised by parents when around the animals/yard
  • There is no walking on the roadway or venturing out to the back pasture/bush area (it’s a huge area and someone could get lost) – everyone must stay on the grounds in the yard
  • Doors to the dance area will be closed at latest 9:30 (mosquitoes)
  • Bar will close at 12:30 am – music will be turned off at 12:30 am to allow for guests to depart by 1 am

Dimensions to Note

  • Covered shelter (reception) area is 66 x 51
  • Stage area is 8 x 24
  • Corral (dance) area is 30 x 60 (approx)
  • Corral area by “The Bar” is 30 x 40 (approx)

Picnic Tables

Keep in mind that these are heavy and you might need help in removing them from the area should you rent round tables or simply moving them to suit your needs. If picnic tables are moved or moved out of reception area – they must  be put back in the same location – we will be on site to show where they are to be placed.

  • 18 – 8 foot tables (sit 10 to a table)
  • 6 – 6 foot tables (sit  to a table)
  • 6 – 7 foot tables (sit 8 to a table)
  • Tablecloth size: 53 x 120 fit nicely on the tables – if you are wanting to rent.

Other Things to Note

We have 12 8 foot social size tables for head table (keep in mind 3 of 4 needed inside for buffet set up).

Please remember to send us a listing of the liquor you have ordered 2 weeks prior to your event so that we may obtain the proper quantity of mix to go with.

We have 4 outhouses by reception area with running water beside – they have lights inside for the evening – we also have a wheelchair accessible outhouse by the front of the yard entrance if needed – no electricity is there – so if require please let us know so we can be sure to provide electricity for the evening.

Inside our chip wagon we have fridges that you are welcome to ues. Ie: to bring your desserts or anything else that will need to be kept cold the night before.

Our bar service area has a lock on the door so your liquor is secured when you bring the night before – also bring the liquor permit with you as this needs to stay with the liquor.

You are welcome to set your wedding/special event the way you like

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