Ghoul Flashlight Tour

A time-honored tradition to see during the month of October!

Ghoul Flashlight Tour Dates

Daytime Ghoul Haunt

Ticket prices do not include GST

  • Ages 5+ $20/Per Person

    Under 5 is no charge

Timed tickets purchased online.

For those too young to attend the evening haunts or those adults too scared to experience the Fear By Night haunts, we have created the Ghoul Daytime Haunt.

Bring your own flashlight to experience the haunts in a less frightening atmosphere, guided by your flashlight with all the theatrics (fog & music) – but no actors will jump out at you.

Most venues are covered and will run continuously throughout the day. There is a heated sitting area in the gift shop.

Please note: cell phones are not permitted – nor do they work very well – Flashlights work best.

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Tickets on sale now!