Experience the Fear, Scream for your Life as Six Pines Haunted Attractions Celebrates 25 Years of Scaring Souls!

Ghoul Flashlight Tour

A time-honored tradition to see during the month of October!

New for 2023

Join the Six Pines Mystery with Scoobs and Shags

This year, Six Pines is thrilled to introduce a new addition: an interactive experience with the beloved characters Zombie Scoobs and Zombie
Shags! Join them as they attempt to unravel the enigma of Lulu’s Mystery Estate. It’s a perfect opportunity to team up with your favorite crime-solving duo and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ghoul Flashlight Haunt Dates

Daytime Ghoul Haunt

Ticket prices do not include GST

  • Ages 5+ $22.50/Per Person + GST

    Under 5 is no charge

  • Family Pass $80

    4 Persons
    2 children (age 5-17) + 2 adults
    3 children + 1 adult

Tickets purchased online.

For those individuals who are too young to participate in the evening haunts or for adults who find the Fear by Night experience too intense, we’ve introduced the Ghoul Daytime Flashlight Haunt.¬†

Bring your own flashlight to explore the haunts in a less intense atmosphere. Your flashlight will guide you through the experience, complete with theatrical effects like fog and music. However, rest assured that no actors will surprise you with sudden appearances. Most venues offer coverage and run continuously throughout the day. Additionally, there is a heated seating area available in the gift shop.

The Ghoul Daytime Haunt provides a well-rounded  haunted attraction experience that caters to a diverse audience, including families, young children, and those who prefer a milder scare. It offers a balanced mix of spooky elements and safety measures to ensure everyone can have a hauntingly good time.

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