Frequently Asked Questions

Our COVID-19 Commitment to Safety

Due to COVID-19, all attendees for the 2021 Haunt season must be fully vaccinated.

For the 2021 Haunt season all of our staff will be fully vaccinated.

All attendees must present their Manitoba Immunization Card and matching photo ID to enter Six Pines Haunted Attractions. QR codes can be scanned from a digital QR code, your Manitoba Immunization Card or a printed copy of the QR code.

When purchasing your tickets, you are committing to conducting a self-assessment for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to attending Six Pines Haunted Attractions.

All attendees must present proof of immunization and photo ID to attend this year’s 2021 Haunt Season. Details on the Manitoba Immunization Card can be found here: Photo ID and the following documents are considered valid proof of immunization in Manitoba.

  • Manitoba Immunization Card
  • National Defense Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Record / Card
  • Canadian Public Health Association province or territory containing information of a person’s COVID-19 vaccination history


Staff at Six Pines will scan the QR code, or verify valid proof of immunization and will only allow entry following a valid result that matches the photo ID provided. Staff at Six Pines Haunted Attractions do not have access to your medical records and will be unable to resolve any disputes. We suggest downloading the Manitoba Immunization Card Verifier App (available in your device’s app store) and practice scanning your own card prior to attending. For further assistance with your immunization card, please contact Manitoba Health and Seniors Care at In all cases photo ID is required to be validated against the valid proof of immunization provided.

The Province of Manitoba has provided a list of documents and samples that are considered valid forms of immunization issued by the provinces and territories which ca be found at Provincial Immunization Record Samples. Children age 11 and under are able to attend with an adult that has presented valid proof of immunization that matches their photo ID provided. Children age 11 and under are not required to provide photo ID. There is a limit of two children aged 11 and under per adult if the children are not with their legal guardian.

Children aged 12 and older are required to present valid proof of immunization as indicated above. Photo ID is encouraged but is not required. Keep in mind Six Pines Haunted Attractions Fear by Night is geared for ages 15+.

Up your experience by purchasing The Hell Pass.

If you are taking the Hell Pass for the true interactive experience – the tracking device means that the actors can touch you and separate you from your group. If you get too scared – you can drop the tracking device and the actors will no longer touch you or separate you from your group.

If you do not want to be intentionally interacted with, purchase the Chicken Pass.
If you want just a walkthrough experience, purchase the Ghost Protector (only one required per group).
To guarantee that you will not be put with another group, then our suggestion to you is to purchase the RIP Fast Pass – this will guarantee that you will go just the two of you or 4 of you, whichever you prefer or however many are in your group. This will also get you to the front of the lines.

We are an actor driven “interactive haunt” – as such, yes you will be interacted with – if you want your experience to be more interacted with – you select to purchase the “Hell Pass”. If you DO NOT want to be interacted with in any way, you purchase the “Ghost Protector” and your entire group will NOT be interacted with.

The “Chicken Pass” allows your group to be interacted with but not you.

You may be grabbed by one of the members of your group who is too terrified to continue with your help.

Our guests are not allowed to touch any of our actors or the props.

Only for the daytime Ghoul Flashlight Haunting experience. However, our nighttime haunts are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We cannot stress this enough. Parents, we have nothing going on at night time for the children. Please come during the day and we’ll be more than happy to entertain you and your family.

We provide the entertainment, you provide the kids. It’s as simple as that. We have several picnic tables available for your use for birthday cake, but I do suggest that you bring a cooler and keep it in your car as we have no place to keep it for you. The tables can not be reserved and are on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, due to insurance purposes no outside food/drink is allowed (with exception of the cake). We do suggest eliminating time in line for your group – it is suggested to arrive earlier than later.

How can I get a better show without standing in line for an hour? We suggest you arrive early. We open the first Thursday night in October. Many people complain about long lines but everyone always shows up around 8/9PM. Our suggestion is for you to come and buy your ticket when we open so you are one of the first in line. The closer it gets to Halloween, the busier we are. BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE AND SKIP THE PURCHASE TICKET WINDOW LINES. And/or SKIP THE ATTRACTION LINEUPS by purchasing a R.I.P FAST PASS TICKET. We do not give refunds if you cannot wait in the lines – we are a very popular attraction and only open a short season. Please dress warm, all who have waited have said the wait was worth it!

Watch for a pre-season sale in August/September for opening night – and for which Thursday nights will be “Double Thursday”.

If you have purchased your ticket online, you can go into your online account and change your ticket date. There is a change fee applicable. We want everyone to stay safe and well. Please stay home if you are unwell. There will be a sign at the ticket booth – with the same COVID-19 questions about your health status.

When purchasing your tickets, you are committing to conducting a self-assessment for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to attending Six Pines Haunted Attractions.

Only on the certain nights designated “Double Thursdays” – see the schedule – and this only applies up to 9 pm. So arrive early if you want to do this. Due to COVID this has been suspended until we are through the pandemic.
We offer two types of tickets online: 1) RIP – speed pass & 2) Regular admission ticket. Online tickets must be presented to the special RIP & Reg/E-Ticket window before 9:00 PM. Online ticket customers do not have to wait in the regular ticket line. Coupons and other discounts are not valid with online or RIP tickets.
No. If they are under 16 they must have an adult present with them at all times. Keep in mind that any individuals under 12 must be accompanied by a fully immunized guardian adult. See Immunization protocol FAQ.
No. Backpacks must be checked at the gift shop into a locker ($2 fee applies).

If you are dropping off – we need you to follow the parking attendants to the back parking lot – the young adults/teenagers will then proceed to the gate entrance to the park to first show proof of immunization then proceed to the ticket booth to redeem online tickets for wristbands or to purchase tickets.

For safety reasons, there is NO parking on Sturgeon Road allowed and no dropping off the kids at top of Sturgeon to walk in – must be driven to the parking lot in the back.

Groups go through the haunted houses in 6-8 #’s, especially on busy nights. The only way to guarantee that you will go through alone is to purchase the Speed Pass.