Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help?

Sure! Here are some details about volunteering or getting hired at Six Pines!

Is it scary?

The Barn of Doom, carnEvil and Terror Train are very frightening. Reality does not exist. Your nightmares will become your reality. During adult night extremely twisted and disturbed. We use strobes, fog machines, loud music and graphic scenes.

But is it really scary?

How scared you get is up to you. Fear is relative. We do our part by providing hands down one of the scariest Halloween attractions in Manitoba. Of course everyone has their own particular fear threshold. During the daytime haunt it is somewhat tamed down for the families, but at night time…the best answer we can give is 99% of the people who come out the back door are screaming. Repeat customer rate is very high. Being scared is fun!

Which is scarier, Barn of Doom, carnEvil or Terror Train?

We’ve had some say Barn of Doom, carnEvil and others Terror Train. Again, everyone’s fear level is different.

I want to experience the haunt in every way. How do I do this?

Up your experience by purchasing The Hell Pass.

If you are taking the Hell Pass for the true interactive experience – the tracking device means that the actors can touch you and separate you from your group.  If you get too scared – you can drop the tracking device and the actors will no longer touch you or separate you from your group.

I'm a chicken but I still want to go through with my friends.

If you do not want to be intentionally interacted with, purchase the Chicken Pass.

My friends and I want to go through and experience the haunted houses but don’t want to be interacted with, what can we do?

If you want just a walkthrough experience purchase the Ghost Protector (only one required per group).

I want to be sure it is just me and my friend going through the haunts alone together.

To guarantee that you will not be put with another group then our suggestion to you is to purchase the R.I.P.  FAST PASS – this will guarantee that you will go just the two of you or 4 of you whichever you prefer or how ever many are in your group. This will also get you to the front of the lines.

Will the creatures touch me?

We are an actor driven ‘interactive haunt’ – as such yes you will be interacted with – If you want your experience to be more interacted with – you select to purchase the “Hell Pass”.  If you DO NOT want to be interacted with in any way you purchase the “Ghost Protector” and your entire group will not be interacted with.

The “Chicken Pass” allows your group to be interacted with but not you.

You may be grabbed by one of the members of your group who is too terrified to continue without your help.

Our guests are not allowed to touch any of our actors or the props.

Are you family oriented?

During the daytime haunt – absolutely. We have the “Kids Haunt” which is set up specifically for the kids. Don’t worry adults, you will also have a good time. However, our nighttime haunts are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We cannot stress this enough. Parents, we have nothing going on at night time for the children. Please come during the day and we’ll be more than happy to entertain you and your family.

What are the best shows for the kids?

Family Fun By Day – (Saturday and Sunday during the day – see main page for dates/times)

What is the Ghoul Flashlight Tour?

This is an experience for those that are too old for daytime or too young for night time or those that are just too scared to go at night – and would like to experience the haunted houses in a less frightening manor.


Bring your own flashlight (no cell phones allowed or cameras) to go through with all the theatrical fog / music / props – but there will be no jump scares.

What do you do for birthday parties?

We provide the entertainment, you provide the kids. It’s as simple as that. We have several picnic tables available for your use for birthday cake, but I do suggest that you bring a cooler and keep it in your car as we have no place to keep it for you. The tables can not be reserved and are on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, due to insurance purposes no outside food/drink is allowed (with exception of the cake). We do suggest to eliminate time in line for your group – it is suggested to arrive earlier than later.

What are the best shows for the bigger kids?

Without a doubt, our haunted attractions at night – Barn of Doom, carnEvil & Terror Train – totally revamped.

Can I bring my kids to Fear By Night?

Fear by Night is geared towards ages 16+.  We advise that under 16 must be accompanied via a person who is 16+. By purchasing a ticket you agree to all the waiver terms   – it is NOT intended for those younger – do so at your own risk. All tickets are the same price for Fear By Night.

Is there a discount for children?

No. Our shows are designed with the children specifically in mind. A child uses the same space in line, same seat at the shows. In regards to the scare venues (if you decide to put your child through) the child will get the same scare activation as an adult, most children will be too scared to continue. It then takes a cast member to escort them to the exit. So actually we should charge more.

Is it healthy to get scared really bad?

Do you see horror movies? Haunted houses are just like the movies except YOU are in the movie with the ghouls jumping out at you. You will get scared but in the end it’s all fun and you’ll come out screaming, but you and your friends will laugh about it afterwards.Most everyone enjoys talking about their experience for years, telling stories of how high you jumped out of your shoes.

Can I get out if I want to?

There is time at the beginning but once the show starts, for someone to leave and open the door to daylight would ruin it for everyone else. So yes and no…in the beginning we give you the opportunity to leave, after that, grab your friend and get them to help you get through. Keep your eyes closed always works best. If you really need to leave – we can take you out of the haunts, but keep in mind there is no refunds and this will likely ruin the haunt experience for those attending with you in your group.

If it get too scared to make it through the Barn of Doom, Carnevil or Terror Train, can I get a refund?

No. You paid us to scare you. If you get scared in the line or in the first few room and want to leave, we’ve done what you paid us to do very quickly. Be happy with prompt service.

What are the hours of operation during the day?

Please see the Hours of Operations page with dates and times.

What are the hours of operation during the night?

Please see the Hours of Operation page for dates and times.

If I’m in line at closing, will I still get in?

If you have purchased a ticket from the ticket booth before the gate is closed  – yes absolutely.

If you arrive when the gates are closed then sorry NO.  Thursday nights haunts close at 11 /Friday & Sat Haunts close at 12:30 (gates close times vary but definitely by 10 pm on Thursday and 11:30 on Fri and Sat) Sunday hours are until 6 pm.

How do I avoid the long lines on the popular nights?

How can I get a better show without standing in line for an hour? We suggest you arrive early. We open the first Thursday night in October. Many people complain about long lines but everyone always shows up around 8/9PM. Our suggestion is for you to come and buy your ticket when we open so you are one of the first in line. The closer it gets to Halloween, the busier we are. BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE AND SKIP THE PURCHASE TICKET WINDOW LINES. And/or SKIP THE ATTRACTION LINEUPS by purchasing a R.I.P FAST PASS TICKET.    We do not give refunds if you cannot wait in the lines – we are a very popular attraction and only open a short season. Please dress warm, all who have waited have said the wait was worth it!

Are you wheelchair accessible?

With any haunted house what makes it a haunted house is the darkness, strobe lights, fog,  obstacle course involved, claustrophobic areas, uneven grounds etc.  Some areas must be gone around due to this fact.  Those with heart conditions  or other health issues or those that are pregnant are advised not to attend.    The crowds, at night can limit the accessibility and safety of individuals with varying disabilities, so it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to opening times on a Thursday evening.     However, if you attended during the day these would be non-issues.

Our attractions are tougher for  individuals in chairs because of the outdoor terrain and the outdoor nature of the attraction (this is a century old running farm).   Unwanted wear and tear can and will result on wheelchairs and or other assisting devices, and therefore may not be recommended.  It is recommended that someone is with you to assist you going through the haunt in case extra assistance may be required.

We have several wheelchairs that attend our farm during the day, as well we have a few staff members that have varying disabilities that work with us.

We do have a wheelchair accessible porta toilet on site and have for years as well as a Wheelchair parking location. (on the pasture grounds where our parking is located for customers)   In fact we were the first agri -tourism farm to do so.

Are your attractions open if it rains/snows?

YES – we are an indoor (non heated)  haunt – but with outdoor parking – we have a heated gift shop on site.

How long does it take to go through?

During the day a good couple of hours to see everything. Most venues are 10-15 minutes in length. But keep in mind as we get closer to Halloween there is some waiting at some of the venues, but the lines generally move quickly the way we’ve got things set up. Night time haunt – early in the season an hour is usually what you’ll need. However, closer to end of season, there will be wait times, so please dress warm for the night/daytime haunts.

How are haunted houses different from other Halloween places?

We are completely different than any other Halloween place/farm in Manitoba. We offer something for all ages, scary and non-scary. We have different shows that go on throughout the day and night, and have actors that interact with the children/adults. We are not just a walk through. Most of our shows take place inside a building. You are only waiting outside to get into them.

Do you sell food, beverages and souvenirs at your attraction?

Yes, Grizelda’s “fully inspected” kitchen serves yummy hot food everything from perogies to poutine – Our gift shop has a full assortment of T-shirts, and other souvenirs.

Can we take Flash Photo's or video in any of your haunts?

Not in the haunted house or other shows! They are dark and everyone especially the actor’s eyes adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience but you’re hurting the actors’ eyes. Also no other recording devices are allowed (video cameras, etc.). If you’d like for the Kids Haunt – you are welcome to ask the actor after the show for pictures. Thank you. In addition, all cell phones must remain in the off position once you enter the attraction. Guests will be removed if disturbing others’ experience with cell phone lights. We are not responsible for lost cell phones.

Can I hit the actors, take the props, destroy the rooms or come through the haunt drunk or stoned?

We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behaviour, weapons of any kind, etc. We have a list of rules just like anyone else that must be adhered to for your own safety. Please go through the haunt in a civilized manner and everyone (including you) will have a great time.

Are there discounts available?

Watch for pre-season sale in August/September  for opening night – and for which Thursday nights will be  “Double Thursday”

Can I bring my cell phone?

We ask that cell phones be turned off. You will not hear them in the venues, nor do we imagine you’ll be talking on the phone during the “haunt”. But be aware that we will NOT stop to look for lost cell phones or pages (or most anything else). If we happen to find them, they will be available at the ticket window the next night we are open.

Can I wear a costume?

You may wear any costume you wish, however we do not allow masks or other face disguising techniques. Trust us this is for public safety. It is too easy for a customer, in a mask, to do something inappropriate and then you, or us, have no way to identify them. We also do not allow props with your costumes – these are dangerous to our actors. If you bring them they will be held for you at the ticket booth and must be left there.

Can I bring my pet(s) to your farm for the day?

Sorry, no. Although we’d love to meet your furry friend – we have plenty of our own! – pets are not allowed at Six Pines because most city animals are not familiar with farm animals and they may not play nicely together.

Are there age restrictions to Barn of Doom / Terror Train?

Night time if older teens attend children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult, no dropping off – we are not babysitters. Daytime we think the youngest age should be around 10+, but it really depends on your child. If you have a child that can watch scary movies and isn’t frightened, they are probably OK to go through. However, if the child is easily startled or frightened by scary images, you may want to wait until they are a little bit older. We have had some 6, 7, 8 & 9 year olds go through daytime as it’s toned down…but we’ve also had some 12 years olds come out crying. No refunds will be provided.

Are their age restrictions to the Haunts?

We have changed the comedy show into a haunted attraction venue.

Can we be thrown out or denied entry for any reason?

Yes, for the safety of all of our guests we do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, drugs or alcohol, etc. If our security team determines you are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, you may also be denied entry or removed from the premises. We do not offer refunds if you are thrown out or denied entry.

Are their warning signs for the Haunts/waiver and disclaimer?

All patrons assume ALL RISK and DANGER incidental to Six Pines Farm Tours, Six Pines Haunted Attractions and its affiliates, BEFORE, DURING or AFTER the attraction. NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, back, neck, health, hearing or heart ailments, or phobias including snakes. NO PACEMAKERS! At night NO CHILDREN UNDER 15 ADMITTED WITHOUT A GUARDIAN. The floors are uneven, it is very dark, you WILL be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors. WATCH YOUR STEP! YOU WILL BE VIDEOTAPED AND COULD BE BROADCAST ON OUR WEBSITES WITH NO COMPENSATION. By entering Six Pines Haunted Attractions or any of its affiliates, you waive any injury or talent claims whatsoever and accept these terms and conditions. Specifically you claim no copyright interest in your image if used as part of any websites, any video images, or any promotional materials for Six Pines Farm Tours Inc. or others. You hereby RELEASE ALL BROADCAST & TALENT RIGHTS. No refunds! Please see the disclaimers above.

What can we bring with us inside your attractions?

No pets! No weapons! No alcoholic beverages! No camera! No smoking! No laser pointers or flashlights! No food or beverages! This includes but is not limited to mace, firearms, knives and martial arts weapons. We are not responsible for lost cell phones or other personal items.

Can we touch the actors or props?

Contact with our actors is prohibited. You will be asked to leave without a refund if you are caught touching our actors or props. Our actors will only touch you or remove you from your group if you are wearing the Hell Pass or Die Hard Pass.  (see above for description)

Once we’ve used our ticket, can we go through the same attraction again with the same ticket?

Only on the certain nights designated  “Double Thursdays” – see the schedule – and this only applies up to 9 pm.  So arrive early if you want to do this.

Is there a dress code?

Six Pines is a working farm. Do not wear your best clothes or heels to impress the ghouls. They like you just the way you are. Sneakers or boots are the best footwear for the farm environment. Please dress for the weather.

Is there security at Six Pines?

Yes. Six Pines has an outside security force that patrols the areas. Six Pines has a ZERO tolerance rate for TROUBLE MAKERS. Trouble makers and their guests will be ejected from Six Pines without a refund. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time.

I just bought my ticket online. Do I still have to wait in line when I get to the attraction?

We offer two types of tickets online: 1) RIP – speed pass & 2) Regular admission ticket. Online tickets must be presented to the special RIP & Reg/E-Ticket window before 9:00PM. Online ticket customers do not have to wait in the regular ticket line. Coupons and other discounts are not valid with online or RIP tickets.

October birthday parties?

No reservations are required – we have so much for the kiddies to do. If purchasing tickets for everyone in party, we suggest that you arrive before your group does. After you purchase your tickets and we will point you a general meeting area for your group. Absolutely no outside food/drink is allowed with the exception of birthday cake. We suggest to bring a cooler and keep the cake in your car as we have no space to keep birthday cakes. Allow a couple of hours to take in the different activities. Book the Wolfman Party Room!

Do you allow or can we drink alcoholic beverages on your property?

No! If you are found to be drinking, the alcohol will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the property – and there will be no refund. If you are showing signs of intoxication you will not be permitted into the Haunted Attractions – this is for your safety as well as safety of our actors. If you have purchased your ticket and then while waiting in line you have to be removed or not allowed into the attractions due to intoxication, there is no refund.

With the legalization of marijuana - do you have a designated area for this?

No it is treated the same as alcohol –  If you are found to be smoking marijuana it will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave the property, and there will be no refund.  If you are showing signs of intoxication you will not be permitted into the Haunted Attractions – this is for your safety as well as safety of our actors. If you have purchased your ticket and then while waiting in line you have to be removed or not allowed into the attractions due to intoxication, there is no refund.

I am pregnant - what do you suggest?

We suggest you come during the day and take in the daytime haunt activities. If you decide to join in the fun at night, you are doing so at your own risk. There is uneven areas, stairs, crawling involved, dark spaces – things jumping out at you. If you purchase a ticket – do not ask for a refund as you’ve kpaid to come to an adult night haunted attractions, we are going to assume you knew what you were getting into. We have warnings up all around. HAunted attractions mean “be prepared to be scared”.

Can I just bring my kids and drop them off and leave them there for the night?

No. If they are under 16 they must have an adult present with them at all times.

Can I bring a backpack?

No. Backpacks must be checked at the gift shop into a locker ($2 fee applies).

How do you set your prices?

We take into account that all our ghouls are paid staff (last year we had 75 in total) with the exception of 1 or 2 trainees that are shadowing under another ghoul.

Other places we heard are charging the same admission price, but only have volunteer staff and are not inspected. With paid staff comes consistency and a greater safety experience, unlike a volunteer that is just pulled in for the night without any training.

We are fully inspected by Health, Fire & Safety. We have undergone safety training, we carry insurance and we have a full medic & safety officers on staff.

Would you rather go someplace pay the same admission for a staff that is only working for 1 or 2 nights or working the entire season to give you the best experience possible.   This is hard work and the staff should all be compensated accordingly otherwise we feel these individuals are just being taken advantage of their ghouls.

Where will I park?

As you drive in the yard you will be met by our parking attendants – They will guide you through to the parking area.  Please park where the parking attendants ask you to park as we know the lay of the land – and how to best utilize our parking space. Especially on busy nights,  as such our parking attendants know best where you are to park.  Please do not take it upon yourself to just park yourself where you feel is best.  We have a handicap area should you need to park here.    Our staff park in a different location which is off-limits to patrons.   Please note, for safety reasons, there is absolutely no parking allowed on Sturgeon Road as well as no one is to be dropped off on Sturgeon Road and walking into the yard.

Where can I drop off my teens?

We actually prefer that an adult stays with the teens if they are under 16 – as going through the haunts they could get put in with another group of adults. We can not control what these adults do going through the haunted houses.  Groups go through in 6-8 #’s, especially on busy nights.  The only way to guarantee that you will go through alone is to purchase the Speed Pass.

But if this can not be the case then our parking attendant will direct you to the round-about to drop off and when pick up time is ready – your teen must call ahead and be waiting on these bleachers to be picked up.  For safety reasons, there is NO parking on Sturgeon Road allowed.

I don't want to be put with any other people in my group - how can this be guaranteed?

Groups go through the haunted houses in 6-8 #’s, especially on busy nights.  The only way to guarantee that you will go through alone is to purchase the Speed Pass.